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Teacher and Student

Support for International Residents and Children

International Support: サービス一覧

Care and Counseling for international Families with Children

Is it true that children easily adapt to living in a new country with its new language and culture?

Usually, immigrant parents are too busy to manage their family’s new life and sometimes they overlook knowing, seeing, and accepting their children’s feelings. Children in this new stage have to handle the immigrant life by themselves and process things rather the harder way than we, adults, are supposed to.

Language barriers are a major obstacle for international children who attend the new country’s local schools. These children might feel overwhelmed by the daily challenges of communication and learning. In the same way, the Japanese children who spent their childhood abroad and returned to their home country, may encounter the same cultural gaps with their former Japanese schools and get nervous again. They need a time and place where they can encourage themselves to be calm: to think well, to get well, and to stay well. 

Bee Well offers one-on-one and group sessions for children two years old and above!

For adults, we provide support while focusing on their concerns and worries.

We offer a convenient time and relaxing place for both adults and children where they can Bee Well and feel at ease. 

Session: 60 min 

Price: 10,000 JPY

For first-timers: Additional administration fee of 1,000 JPY for the first session

[ Experience the Bee Well difference! ]

  • Don’t speak Japanese? Bee Well! You can talk to our English-speaking staff.

  • Are you returning Japanese overseas residents? Bee Well! Our highly qualified staff share the experience of overseas living and will support you in resettling.

  • Bee Well wherever you are in the globe through video call appointments!

  • Book a reservation to experience Bee Well!

Please contact us for more information.

International Support: お客様の声

I don't know what we would have done on our own. It has given my child a place to belong. The time we spent at ’beewell’ was very precious to us, and thanks to them, my child has grown up to be a very good person.

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