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Yoko Honda


Works Of Education -

Bee Well

From Atsuko Sagara, a leading figure in Montessori education in Japan, Yoko Honda learned the essence of education, including the Enseignement Personnalisé et Communautaire, a method of education that values the initiative and rhythm of each child, and the universal effectiveness at the heart of Montessori education. 

Yoko Honda also studied under the cultural anthropologist, Mr. Takaji Fujisawa. She believes in "learning by doing", a process of learning proactively through sensory experience, is the educational method that  develops a person’s ability to respond flexibly in society.

She joined as a bank employee and after gaining work experience, she worked in the field of education for more than 20 years, and has been involved in child-rearing support and social education through her experience in promoting the Montessori method.

She plans and manages events, has a counseling room in a clinic, a public facility, and a creative space called Beehive. She hopes that everyone will realize that they are irreplaceable and to live life with joy. She supports the fulfillment of each person's potential and self-realization.

She is known for her insightfulness and works with a wide range of people from infants to adults. Overseas, she provides mental health care and educational consultation to Japanese expatriates. Learn the essence of education from her.


Primary Education Teacher License
JAM Certified Montessori Teacher Diploma (Japan Association Montessori)
Completed Japan Counseling Association Basic Practice Course
AEAJ Certified Aromatherapy Advisor, 2013 (Aroma Environment Association of Japan) 
Certified Practitioner, Japan Polarity Therapy Association
Member of Japan Society for Children's Environment

About Bee Well: ようこそ

- Philosophy

「 think well, get well, stay well 」

- Policy

With our expertise and skills, we respond to a variety of issues at all stages of life.

We help people to reduce their worries and anxieties and to live with joy. 

- About Us

Matsue City, Shimane Prefecture, is blessed with rich nature and historical culture such as Izumo Taisha Shrine and Lake Shinji. In this beautiful city, we plan and organize seminars, workshops and outdoor events based on Montessori education*1, polarity therapy*2, and ESD (Education for Sustainable Development)*3 in support to the SDGs*4. We also provide communication advice, counseling, therapy, and other services related to childcare and social education.

- We provide learning and experiences that value curiosity and creativity

- We give palliative care for physical and mental symptoms such as mental instability, stress, and fatigue

- We ensure a safe and secure third place outside of one’s home, school, and office

- We foster cooperative support system that goes beyond the realm of the medical field (doctors, pharmacists, physical therapists, music therapists, social workers, clinical psychologists, clinical developmental psychologists, teachers, nutritionists)

1 Montessori education is a "self-reliant education" that originated in Italy and has a track record of over 100 years around the world. The reliability of this educational method has been proven in terms of cerebral physiology, psychology, and pedagogy.

2 Polarity therapy is a safe and state-licensed therapy in the United States, comparable to acupuncture.

Randolph Stone (1890~1981), a naturopathic doctor, created this therapy by integrating traditional Eastern medicine and Western natural medicine.

3 ESD (Education for Sustainable Development) is "education and learning that enables all people to acquire the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values necessary to realize a sustainable future," which Japan proposed and promoted to the United Nations in 2002.

4 The development of leaders for a sustainable society through ESD contributes to all of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the member countries of the United Nations in 2015.

- Company Profile

Company Name: Works of Education

Business description: Established in March 2014, involved in childcare support and social education

Location: Nishikawazu-cho, Matsue City, Shimane Prefecture, and branches (Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka)

Representative: Yoko Honda

Main customers: General public, kindergartens, elementary and junior high school students, medical clinics, family and women circles

Customers: Teachers, medical professionals, and individuals ages 2 to 90

Opening hours: "Bee Well” Creative space beehive 11:00~20:00

About Bee Well: 私について
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